Planet Aid Site Remediation


Planet Aid Site Remediation

Milford, MA


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FST conducted a due-diligence investigation of a 15-acre property in February 2012 for the then potential buyer, Planet Aid, Inc. Through comprehensive records research, on-site assessment, and a subsurface investigation, FST determined that petroleum in soil and groundwater exceeded the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) RCS-1 and RCGW-1 Reportable Concentrations at two separate areas of concern (AOCs) at the Site. FST suspected aboveground and underground storage tanks as the source of the contamination based on structures observed at the building. Laboratory analysis identified fuel-oil as the petroleum contaminant in samples collected from the AOCs. The definitive source, date, duration, and volume of the release were not known. Based on the groundwater plume emanating from the larger AOC at the front of the building, it was determined that the release was greater than 20 years old. The most stringent MassDEP groundwater cleanup standards (GW-1) were applicable to this site based its location within proximity to the Town of Milford public water-supply wells.

The owner’s consultant performed remediation under a Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan which consisted of excavation of approximately 300 tons of petroleum impacted soil from both AOCs, disposal of over 11,000 gallons of petroleum­impacted groundwater, and application of a solution of CL Solutions PETROX (microorganisms).  While this approach was successful in remediating the smaller AOC at the rear of the building, a significant mass of contaminated soil remained at the larger AOC, which continued to produce a large plume of contaminated groundwater.

When the property changed ownership, Planet Aid re-engaged FST as the Licensed Site Professional ("LSP") of record. FST planned an aggressive approach to remediation through extensive excavation of the AOC at the front of the building.  Nearly 1,300 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil was removed from that AOC. Upon completion of excavation activities, FST coordinated the restoration which included backfilling, compaction, and paving of a large parking area. FST planned to monitor groundwater for two years in order to take advantage of regulations that allow for a stable plume within a GW-1 area to be closed. However, due to the aggressive approach to soil remediation, the plume was shown to shrink rapidly, and FST was able to achieve closure with a Class A-2 Response Action Outcome (RAO) in conformance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). 

More Information

Owner: Planet Aid, Inc.

Location: Millford, Massachusetts

Highlights: The project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.