Integrated Water Management

Security Improvements


Security Improvements

Deer Island, Boston Harbor, MA


About this Project

The facility's original access and surveillance systems were designed prior to 9/11 and, like most security systems, did not anticipate terrorist activity. FST examined the guardhouse and the prefabricated guard shack in front of guard house, the main switchgear building, the North Main and South System Pump Stations, the thermal power plant, and various elements of infrastructure.

With strong skills developed for military clients in the design of security measures, FST developed highly specific recommendations to improve security throughout the facilities. FST prepared a study and conceptual design to address electronic security upgrades to key facilities at the Deer Island Water Treatment Plant (DITP).  

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Location: Deer Island, Boston, MA

Highlights: FST presented solutions that monitor, effectively limit access, and improve detection at key points in the buildings. The facilities are vital to DITP and if damaged, could cause sewage to flow to Boston Harbor without adequate treatment, a possible environmental disaster.