Land Development

Veterans Park


Veterans Park

Huntington, Long Island, NY


About this Project

FST was retained by the Town of Huntington to develop the Veterans Park Complex, a 200-acre park complex consisting of four contiguous parks into a large multi-use park site. In addition to the revitalization of the sports fields in the developed areas of the existing Park, new active recreational improvements, such as an accessible playground, new soccer and ball fields, a skate park, and new restroom facility, are all being planned. The natural wooded sections of the park will have expanded nature and hiking trails, along with signage, fitness courses, bike trails, and equestrian trails. Also included is a "boundless" park for Americans with Disabilities, and traffic calming measures for the adjacent access road.


More Information

Owner: Town of Huntington

Location: Huntington, Long Island, NY

Highlights: To achieve final consensus from the public for the Master Plan, two public meetings were held to allow the park users to voice their concerns for the development of this park. The comments from the community were integrated into the Master Plan preparation. With the park Master Plan and a preliminary Bikeway Plan, the town has significant information to seek funding from a variety of sources. Upon approval of the Master Plan, FST will obtain the permits and will develop the contract documents and specifications necessary for a phased bidding of the project, as well as provide construction supervision.