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Highland Commons


Highland Commons

Hudson and Berlin, MA


About this Project

Fay, Spofford & Thorndike has been retained as one of the consultants to Sullivan Hayes and Benderson Development to assist in the site design and site permitting of a proposed retail center of greater than 900,000 square feet of retail space with as many as 21 building pads.  The site development includes about 3,000 parking spaces and supporting infrastructure on a 164 acre parcel of land in Hudson and Berlin, MA. The site fronts on Coolidge Street which forms the boundary to the north, is abutted to the east and south by the rear of single family lots on Gates Pond Road and forested land and a modular housing subdivision to the west.  Most of the site was forested with a former borrow pit in the southeast corner of the site.

Since 2004, our office has acted as the lead civil/site engineer on the development of this site in the communities of Hudson and Berlin, MA. The project involves substantial earthwork with nearly 2 million cubic yards of excavation of which about 1.2 million cubic yards were rock excavation and the use of retaining walls to overcome over 125 feet of topographic relief.  When complete, the construction will have resulted in the creation of approximately 70 acres of developed area; the movement of approximately 2.5 million cubic yards of earth and rock; the construction of approximately 93,500 square feet of modular block retaining wall with some walls approaching 70 feet in height; the installation of over 30,000 linear feet of water and sewer utilities; and 20,000 linear feet of drainage pipe. The project has included several unique measures during construction for the treatment of stormwater runoff.  This includes a chemical treatment train using a flocculant agent to aid in the removal of silt and clay from the construction area runoff.  Sand filters have also been used to address the strict regulatory requirements for the release of stormwater runoff from the site. The project represents the largest retail development completed by the firm.

The project required the removal and replacement of a water tank with an elevated tank to account for the 50 feet of excavation in the area where the tank was previously located.  Booster pumps located inside of the elevated tank riser are capable of delivering about 3,000 gpm to the major tenants for fire suppression.

The project has two major stormwater management areas, one of which is regulated as a dam by the Office of Dam Safety Division of the State of Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

More Information

Owner: Benderson Development

Location: Hudson and Berlin, MA

Highlights: An example of FST's site development work for retail clients, the project required the movement of 2.5-million cubic yards of earth and rock, construction of 93,500 square feet of modular block retaining wall, and installation of over 30,000 linear feet of water and sewer utilities and 20,000 linear feet of drainage pipe.

Highland Commons is the first Massachusetts location of popular national outdoor store Cabela's.