River Street Bridge Replacement


River Street Bridge Replacement

Boston, MA

About this Project

The River Street Bridge Replacement in Boston for MassDOT involved a deteriorated single span through girder bridge over MBTA-owned railroad track also used by CSX RR.  FST civil and structural engineers performed construction feasibility studies, vehicular and pedestrian management analysis, staging and laydown area requirement studies, and site access analysis. With this bridge replacement occurring on a bus route line as well as being over the MBTA & CSX railroad, construction phasing required close coordination with the commuter rail operators (MBCR), CSX freight operators as well as the bus route operators to detour traffic while maintaining vehicular/ pedestrian access to all local streets and businesses.

This bridge replacement was completed under MassDOT’s Accelerated Bridge Program. In advance of the bridge demolition and installation, a permanent utility bridge was built adjacent to the existing roadway bridge for the relocation of all utilities.  Upon completion of the utility bridge, utility relocations and prefabrication of the superstructure, the existing bridge was closed to vehicular and rail traffic.  This closure took place on Friday at 11:00 pm, and the bridge was placed into its final position at 2:00 Sunday afternoon.

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Highlights: The new bridge was built off-site and rolled into place in one weekend. You can read the article about it here: One Weekend and a New Bridge: FST-Engineered Morton Street Bridge Rolled Into Place