Emergency Roadway Repairs


Emergency Roadway Repairs

Lebanon, NH

About this Project

On July 2-3, 2013, the City of Lebanon, New Hampshire, was pounded with more than four inches of rain. The storm that wreaked havoc across Northern New England washed out major sections of Slayton Hill Road in Lebanon, even prompting the evacuation of residents in a housing complex on the street.

In the storm's aftermath, FST was asked by the City to assist with design of emergency repairs and more resilient replacement of Slayton Hill Road. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is helping to fund the $2.5-million complex road repair project.

More Information

Owner: City of Lebanon

Location: Lebanon, NH

Highlights: FST's Dave McNamara, asked about the challenges of the project by City Manager Greg Lewis on a May 2014 video presentation about the project, said, "In this situation, you have a road that's essentially cut into the side of a hill, so there isn't a lot of flat land and there aren't a lot of places to put in a detention pond or a larger area that you can really slow the water down. The focus is putting in pipes and ditches and using the land that is there to keep the water off the road and off people's property as much as possible."

Public Works Director Mike Lavalla, in the same video, said that FST's contribution to the project has been "immeasurable."