I-95 Safety Improvements


I-95 Safety Improvements

Groton-Stonington, CT

About this Project

This project for ConnDOT consists of safety and bridge maintenance improvements along a heavily traveled 17-mile length of I-95. FST’s work includes acceleration/deceleration lane improvements, signalization and associated geometric improvements, guide signage modifications, and signal timing/phasing upgrades. The assignment also includes design improvements for roadside barriers, guide rail anchorages, guide rail attachment to bridges, impact attenuators, ditches, and culvert ends.

Additional, new highway illumination system is proposed for Exits 85 through 90. Temporary illumination will be provided during the installation of the new lighting.

The team’s work also involves the preparation of several environmental permits.

More Information

Owner: Connecticut Department of Transportation

Location: Various Connecticut Communities

Highlights: The project scope also entails having FST evaluate 42 bridges for potential safety improvements. Along with the safety improvements, the project includes the design of the proposed drainage system, and a new navigation lighting system for the northbound and southbound Goldstar bridges.