South Street Roundabout


South Street Roundabout

Braintree, MA


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About this Project

The Town of Braintree asked FST to determine the most efficient design for an open intersection in South Braintree along a corridor that carries approximately 7,000 vehicles per day.  Neighbors complained of speeding vehicles and requested ways to slow down traffic.  The corridor was slated to be reconstructed within weeks.

Working with the Town, FST developed two options: a conventional T intersection and a modern roundabout.  FST recommended the modern roundabout option as being the most efficient way to accomplish the objectives. Plans were developed and presented to the Town and the modern roundabout was implemented.


More Information

Owner: Town of Braintree

Location: Braintree, Massachusetts

Highlights: One of the most unusual aspects of this work was the speed at which the project was implemented. The modern roundabout was installed within 2 months of completing the sketch improvements for the Town.