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Subdivision Review Services

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For the Town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, FST provides general engineering consultant services, assisting with review of developers’ plans for new subdivisions. This includes preliminary and definitive subdivision plans, traffic studies and traffic mitigation measures, stormwater management for surface and subsurface drainage systems, and construction cost estimates for surety of performance.
In Billerica, MA, FST personnel review definitive subdivision plans for conformance to the Rules and Regulations governing the Subdivision of Land. Responsibilities have included review of plans, drainage calculations, coordination with the Billerica Planning Board, and attendance at Planning Board hearings.
Related work took place in Somerset, MA, where FST has provided continuous services for over 30 years. Along with major wastewater assignments, FST is called on by the Town’s Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners to provide engineering review and evaluation of sewer extension plans for proposed developments.
FST conducted surveys and prepared documents for Town of Burlington, MA Conservation Commission approval in connection with Telephone Company installations in the Town.
Other relevant work includes engineering services for the Smithfield Sewer Authority, RI, where FST reviews sewer design plans for all proposed residential, commercial, and industrial development, and evaluates the impact the proposed flow will have on the existing system.
FST has also provided ongoing subdivision review services in Hopedale, Peabody, Fitchburg, Easton, Wilmington, Boxborough, Sharon, and Mansfield, as well as other communities in Massachusetts.

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Highlights: FST's clients for subdivision review services include the towns of Burlington, Billerica, Hopkinton and Somerset.