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Village Green


Village Green

Cumberland, ME


About this Project

Village Green is a multi-phased, mixed-use residential development located in Cumberland, Maine. The proposed development was a collaborative effort in response to a Town initiative to create a mixed-use development on Town-owned land, designed to create a mixed-use development integrated with the surrounding neighborhoods and civic uses, to promote a village setting with pedestrian interconnections, trails, etc.

The first phase of the project included 58 residential house lots on approximately 41-acres of land. The infrastructure improvements to support the project included approximately 1-mile of access road with underground utilities (sewer, water, electrical, natural gas, etc.).  The project also included a new sewerage pump station constructed to Portland Water District standards.

The second phase of the project included the conversion and expansion of a former elementary school into 35 units of senior housing. Site improvements included new entry and drop-off loop with resident parking as well as streetscape improvements along Drowne Road to create formalized on-street parallel parking with pedestrian sidewalks.

Permit approvals for the project included Town of Cumberland Contract Zoning, Site Plan\Subdivision Approval; MeDEP Site Location of Development Act and Natural Resource Protection Act Permits; and ACOE Federal Wetland Permit.


More Information

Client: Village Green Cumberland LLC

Location: Cumberland, Maine

Highlights: Fay, Spofford & Thorndike provided conceptual planning for the overall Master Plan as well as final design, permitting and construction phase services for the first two phases of the Village Green development.