Land Development

Tidewater Farm and Tidewater Village


Tidewater Farm and Tidewater Village

Falmouth, ME


About this Project

Tidewater is a multi-phased, mixed-use development located in Falmouth, Maine.  The proposed development was a collaborative effort in response to a Town initiative to create a mixed-use development on privately-owned land while preserving extensive open space areas for public use and access associated with an existing saltwater farm on the Presumpscot River Estuary.

The first phase of the project, known as Tidewater Farm, included 50 residential house lots on approximately 51-acres of land.  The infrastructure improvements to support the project included approximately 4,600 linear feet of access road with underground utilities (sewer, water, electric, telephone, etc.).  The project also included a new sewerage pump station constructed to Town of Falmouth standards.

The second phase of the project, known as Tidewater Village, included a mixed-use development on four individual parcels.  The project included the reconstruction of approximately 1,500 linear feet on Clearwater Drive to include underground utilities as well as extensive streetscape improvements, including on-street parking, brick sidewalks and decorative lighting.  Site development on two of the Tidewater Village lots has also been completed including a 7,500 s.f. mixed-use building (retail, office and residential housing) and a 6,000 s.f. medical office building.

Permit approvals for the project included Town of Falmouth Contract Zoning, Site Plan\Subdivision Approval; MeDEP Site Location of Development Act and Natural Resource Protection Act Permits; and ACOE Federal Wetland Permit.

More Information

Client: Tidewater LLC

Location: Falmouth, ME

Highlights: Fay, Spofford & Thorndike provided conceptual planning for the overall Master Plan as well as final design, permitting and construction phase services for the subsequent phases of development.