Traffic Signal & Intersection Improvements at Route 105


Traffic Signal & Intersection Improvements at Route 105

Middleborough, MA


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About this Project

This safety improvements project includes 0.4 miles along South Main Street (Route 105) and the interchange at I-495 Exit 4/ Route 105 in Middleton, MA. The interchange is a partial cloverleaf with ramps in opposite quadrants.

Design improvements included widening the off-ramps for two lanes of traffic, widening the mainline to accommodate exclusive left turn lanes to the on-ramps, installing traffic signals at the two Route 105 ramp intersections that are interconnected to each other as well as the next traffic signal north and south of the project area, ADA compliant sidewalk and accessible ramps, roadway drainage system modifications, new signs and pavement markings, utility relocations, and landscape features.


More Information

Owner: Massachusetts DOT

Location: Middleborough, MA

Highlights: The project area is located within the buffer zone of vegetative wetlands areas, habitat of the Eastern Box Turtle, which is a state-listed species of special concern, and within a Zone II wellhead protection area.  FST prepared environmental permits and designed a stormwater basin that utilized stormwater management Best Management Practices (BMPs) approved for critical areas.