Blue Line Station Improvements MBTA


Blue Line Station Improvements MBTA

Boston, MA

About this Project

As coordinating consultant for renovation of eight Blue Line Stations, FST contributed to many elements of these projects. FST prepared a feasibility study examining the constraints on traction power, signals, track work, tunnel, and stations, which would affect possible use of 8-car trains. The Blue Line operated with 4-car trains and the modernization provided for 6-car trains.
Numerous other specialized considerations were handled by FST:  handicapped accessibility; the need for historic preservation; and determination of archaeological sensitivity throughout the corridor. Other areas of involvement were signage, corrosion protection, acoustical considerations, and detailed traffic studies at a number of locations in downtown Boston.
For several of these special concerns, the FST team developed project-specific design guidelines including Blue Line Accessibility, Blue Line Acoustics, Blue Line Preservation (Historic), and Blue Line Corrosion Control. FST also updated the MassDOT- Transit Division Signage & Graphics Guidelines as well as performing an analysis and update of portions of a 15-year old subway ventilation study. As a component of the Signage & Graphics work, FST evaluated development of an interactive kiosk system to provide Logan International Airport flight information to subway users at selected stations throughout the MassDOT- Transit Division system.
FST also assisted the MassDOT- Transit Division with its community involvement program, and prepared a complete Environmental Impact. FST prepared the report for the improvements, particularly focusing on maintenance of traffic and pedestrian safety in these urban locations during construction.

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation - Transit Division (MBTA)

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Highlights: FST helped the T develop a program and policy for public art in the stations, notably at Aquarium Station.