Waldo County Ferry Terminals


Waldo County Ferry Terminals

Isleboro and Lincolnville, ME

About this Project

In work for the Maine DOT, a long-time FST client, FST provided design and construction phase services for two new movable vehicular bridges at Lincolnville and Isleboro ferry terminals. The new facilities include two movable steel transfer bridges to replace two older transfer bridges. FST's work has involved rehabilitation of abutments, reconstruction of hoist tower foundations, new electrical power with back-up generators, and extensive coordination with local electric utilities.

More Information

Owner: Maine Department of Transportation

Location: Isleboro and Lincolnville, Maine

Highlights: Construction was completed on a fast-track basis, with the facilities shut down only for one month. Following construction of the transfer bridges, FST designed new fenders for both the Lincolnville and Isleboro berths.