Integrated Water Management

Improvements to Water Pollution Control Facility & Remote Pumping Stations


Improvements to Water Pollution Control Facility & Remote Pumping Stations

Dartmouth, MA


About this Project

As part of a Comprehensive Wastewater Management Study, FST conducted a detailed evaluation of equipment, structures and buildings at the Town of Dartmouth’s Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) and remote pumping stations with respect to process, architectural, structural, electrical, HVAC and instrumentation. The deficiencies of equipment, structures and processes were identified based on condition, age, code compliance, operability, capacity and compliance with the latest NPDES permit.

Major upgrades and improvements included:

  • Replacement of pumps in the influent pumping station
  • Rehabilitation of the primary and secondary clarifiers
  • installation of various pumps at the solids treatment train, rehabilitation of the composting facility
  • Installation of 30,000 cfm multi-stage chemical packed bed odor control scrubber,
  • rehabilitation of the biofilter
  • Installation of new  instrumentation and PLCs for level control and process monitoring at the WPCF influent and effluent pumping stations and four remote pumping stations
  • Replacement of motor control centers at the WPCF and remote pumping stations and upgrades to existing HVAC systems.

FST’s scope of work also included performing engineering services during construction for this project.  FST’s involvement included project management, preparation for and attendance at construction progress meetings, review of contractor submittals, and preparing responses to RFIs.

More Information

Owner: Town of Dartmouth

Location: Dartmouth, MA

Highlights: Based on the results of the evaluation, FST prepared bid documents for upgrades and improvements to the WPCF and four remote pumping stations.