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Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Fairhaven, MA


About this Project

FST has provided planning, design and construction phase engineering services for the majority of Fairhaven’s wastewater collection and treatment systems since 1948. FST designed a major expansion and upgrade to the main wastewater treatment facility in the early 1990s, and later designed ultraviolet disinfection facilities to replace chlorination facilities for plant effluent disinfection. More recent work has included preliminary treatment facility upgrades to replace mechanical bar screens, grit removal equipment, HVAC and electrical equipment. There have also been upgrades to the aeration tanks with replacement of stop, slide and sluice gates, and replacement of ceramic diffusers with membrane diffusers that significantly reduced energy usage.

The facilities at the main treatment plant process an average daily flow of 5 MGD and maximum hourly wet weather flow of 16 MGD, and remove 90% of suspended solids and BOD. Effluent is discharged through an outfall to the Acushnet River, while excess wet weather flows (including infiltration/inflow) are diverted to side-stream stormwater overflow/flow equalization facilities, designed to handle up to 6 MGD of stormwater. During low plant flows, a 6-MGD flow equalization pumping station provides controlled pumping of stored wastewater flows back to the primary or secondary treatment facilities for complete treatment.

FST’s other recent work in Fairhaven has involved design of improvements to remote pumping stations including replacement of pumps, piping, HVAC and electrical equipment. We also completed a two-phase wastewater management plan that incorporated a conditions survey of the main wastewater treatment facility and a smaller wastewater treatment facility located on West Island, as well as further development of a GIS-based mapping and database system for use in asset management.

More Information

Owner: Town of Fairhaven

Location: Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Highlights: FST is providing design and construction phase services for a multi-year plan for sewer system evaluation and rehabilitation of the town’s collection system commencing in the North Fairhaven section of town in 2015.