Integrated Water Management

Water Mains Rehabilitation


Water Mains Rehabilitation

Fall River, MA


About this Project

To improve system hydraulics and maintain water quality, much of the City of Fall River's infrastructure required rehabilitation or replacement. Initially, FST undertook a water supply study evaluating the existing surface water supplies, treatment and distribution facilities. We then summarized our findings and recommended improvements in a Waterworks Master Plan Report.

Seven FST-designed and administered contracts, funded through DEP's Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, have been completed. In total, 82,000 lf of 8-inch water main, 23,000 lf of 12-inch water main, and 16,700 feet of 16-inch water main were replaced.

FST also completed design for three additional water main replacement contracts that involve a total of 24,000 lf of 8-inch pipe, 3,150 lf of 12-inch water main, and 3,250 feet of 16-inch water main.

More Information

Owner: City of Fall River

Location: Fall River, MA

Highlights: FST has designed and provided services during construction for several pipeline replacements that resulted from FST's Master Plan recommendations.