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Waterworks Services

Barnstable, MA


About this Project

There are four public water systems within the Town of Barnstable. The Barnstable Fire District Water Department serves a population of approximately 3,000 people in the Barnstable Village area. The District currently has four groundwater supply wells, one which is currently offline due to elevated iron and manganese levels. Although the existing wells can meet both average day and maximum day demands, for operational flexibility the District initiated a groundwater supply exploration program. This study determined that siting a new well approximately 1,000 feet from their existing Well No. 2 had the highest potential for a new source. A pump test was conducted on an 8-inch test well and the pump test indicated that a 900-gpm could be sited at this location.

FST completed the design of a new 900-gpm well, pumping station, access road and approximately 1,100 feet of new 12-inch water main. Although the District identified a pre-cast building for this pumping station, due to access limitations to the site, FST designed a CMU block building for the pumping station. In the event of a loss of power, FST designed a right angle drive to operate the well without electrical service.

FST completed and filed applicable permits for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for the design and construction of this facility.

More Information

Owner: Barnstable Fire District

Location: Barnstable, Massachusetts

Highlight: Since the District’s water demand fluctuates considerably between the winter months and the summer months, a variable frequency drive was installed to provide operational flexibility of the well pumping station.