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Winterberry Hills Development


Winterberry Hills Development

Easton, MA


About this Project

FST (formerly Norfolk Ram prior to acquisition by FST) worked with a local developer to design and obtain all permits for a 44-unit affordable housing homeowner association development. The Winterberry Hills project was supported as a “friendly 40B project” with encouragement of the community located off Union Street in Easton, MA. The property is approximately 31.5 acres in area, of which 11.5 acres is developed and 20 acres is preserved for open space.

The development consists of two phases located off a median divided roadway: Phase I includes a cluster of 16 single-family homes off a one-way loop road closer to Union Street; and Phase II includes 2 homes located off the main roadway and 26 single-family homes located off a one-way loop road in the rear of the property. The main roadway is approximately 1,464 feet long and includes an 8-foot-wide depressed median between two 12-foot-wide lanes and a 5-foot-wide sidewalk on one side. The two phases of the development are separated by an intermittent stream that flows through the property. An arched precast concrete bridge was installed along the main roadway to span the intermittent stream with total bridge span area of 36 feet by 36 feet.
The stormwater management approach balanced the needs of the project and preserved the integrity of the adjacent wetland ecosystem and groundwater aquifer. This project integrates low-impact development (LID) methods for site development and stormwater management, while complying with Massachusetts DEP stormwater management policies. The LID stormwater systems are decentralized to capture, treat, and recharge stormwater runoff close to the source. A total of 20 rain gardens are integrated into the landscaped home sites to manage yard and roof runoff. In addition, the access roadway has 12 water quality swales integrated within the roadway median to capture and treat roadway drainage. There are multiple recharge areas located on home sites and within the Phase-1 “Center Green” to detain and recharge roof runoff and larger rain event overflows from the rain gardens and swales. The site design maintains pre-development stormwater discharge patterns that drain to the undeveloped open space.

FST successfully moved the project through all local planning and permitting processes, working with the local Housing Partnership Committee, the Board of Selectmen, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Conservation Commission. FST also obtained Mass DEP approval of the project’s sewers and septic systems (with 9.680 gallons per day total wastewater flow) under DEP’s “Cluster Development” exemption within Mass. Title 5 regulations.

More Information

Owner: Creative Homes

Location: Easton, Massachusetts

Highlights: The development features low-impact development techniques to support best practices in stormwater management.