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Hazardous Waste

Many of FST's clients face the challenge of remediating sites contaminated with petroleum, chlorinated solvents such as PCEs and TCEs, and other environmentally hazardous materials. We work with land owners and developers to assess clean-up goals and tailor each remediation program to optimize results, while remaining indful of budget limitations. Our engineers draw from extensive experience with a broad range of remediation technologies, both traditional and innovative, to provide clients with a comprehensive environmental solution that will enable productive use of an affected site.

Our people are recognized in the industry for developing creative, cost-effective solutions to our client's remediation challenges and is a pioneer in the use of In-situ Chemical Oxidation, a non-disruptive remediation technology that effectively treats petroleum or chlorinated solvent contamination with minimal "front end" costs. For over fourteen years, our engineers have successfully implemented this emerging technology on a wide range of challenging sites, including overseas.

FST's Remediation Group serves real estate developers, industrial and commercial property owners, municipal governments and the military. Many of our projects have been completed under the Massachusetts Brownfields Redevelopment Program.

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